13 février 2018 kimberose


You can preorder Kimberose’s first album


“Chapter One” Kimberose’s first album. 11 titles drawing on the roots of the soul by bringing the modernity of one of the most interesting groups of its generation. Kimberly Kitson Mills is a staggering singer, a tornado of feeling, revisiting the now old soulmusic to give it back strength and nerve. Her voice instantly summons the memory of the painful divas of jazz and soul, from Billie Holiday to Amy Winehouse to Nina Simone. Solar and fragile at the same time, Kim, a small French immigrant (from an English father and an immigrant mother from Ghana to Paris), at 26, is ready and armed to share this evidence: the music of the soul still has so much to say, and so many ecstasies to offer. Kimberose recorded a 4-track EP in 2017, which earned her a noticeable passage in “Taratata” and  “C à vous” TV shows. His EP then ranks immediately in the best French sales, thanks to the title “I’m Sorry”. The rooms will grow, which will welcome Kimberose in early 2018, for a tour that promises to be enchanting. Because if the EP and live performances Kimberose remained in a very classic, this first opus dare to borrow more modern territories, pop, but the opposite of formatting.